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My accomplishment of the day [Oct. 10th, 2003|08:03 pm]
Lil Pinky
[mood |accomplished]

I rocked my Japanese test today. Definitely a needed confidence booster after yesterday's disaster on the Kanji test. So, all in all... the day started off great.

Then I met up with Yee, Mei Ling, and Colleen to go shopping in Shibuya & Takadanobaba. We walked around for a long time. Halfway through, we all got icecream @ Baskin Robbins which made me super happy. Then Colleen decided she needed ANOTHER Burberry school bag. Yes I say another 'cause she already has 2. The bag she wanted to buy was $350. For Burberry standards, that's pretty cheap. In my standards, that's just unthinkable. But anyways, after walking around for 4 hrs... our last stop was the ABC Mart 'cause I've been wanting to buy running shoes for the longest time.

FINALLY GOT 'EM! hehe. Nice huh? $60 thank you.

New Shoes

I originally wanted "New Balance" but there's always next time.

Becky, Yee, Josh, 2 Japanese guys, and I are going to Yokohama tomorrow. We are going to check out Chinatown and the Ramyun museum as well as more shopping. No not for shoes or clothes but COOL STUFF... BARGAIN STUFF... if I ever spend money on ridiculous things, slap me!

Mt. Fuji trip has been cancelled... or postponed I should say. Just didn't work out for this time. Oh well, I need the weekend to catch up on my work anyways.

A new Japanese drama is starting tonight. I'm gonna be a dork and stay in and watch that. Besides the fact that nightlife in Tokyo is typically expensive.... I'm just exhausted.

That's all for now. Til next time...

Sa Rang Hae <3
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